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A Sea of Trends.

Sea Silver Trend Inspired  Moodboard 

Lately I´ve been  learning a lot about trends ,in my case I find fashion trends to be so interesting  it feels like they come out of nowhere an suddenly every cool girl on Instagram is wearing that shoe or bag but they don´t appear magically they have probably being around for some time and people just start noticing them more, and suddenly is all over every low cost store just like we have seen in  the case of  fishnet thights from last fall , fur slides, chokers,crop tops and those now deceased Valentino rockstud heels look alikes.

 It´s interesting how they spread across the world and probably something you never thought you could pull off is what everyone is dying to wear because their favorite designer put it on the runway or their favorite celebrity was photographed with one.
Trends are what keeps fashion alive as this changing aesthetic offers  buyers a change to try something new  and with creativity add it to their closets matching them with things they already have.

Now more than ever with the help of  social media, trends are changing faster and also is easier to buy into them.  If you look at something cool Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner are  wearing chances are you will  find something similar on your closest fast fashion store and thats something that defines our generation in the past only the ellites had a say on fashion and the lower class would just emmulate it years later.
Now anyone who wears  fashion  can express themselves the way they want  and trough social media get to different people around the world.

Just be smart and  dont buy into a trend because is what somebody else is wearing, if you like it wear it and don't mind the rules fashion is not written on stone that's what makes fashion fun you never know whats next and it's unpredictable like our society.

Here´s a few trendy items and my favorites at the moment:

 Imagen 6 de PALA FLORES de ZaraImagen 4 de PALA FLORES de Zara

From Bershka

Because the first word that comes to our minds when we think about Paris and Paris Fashion Week is Chanel and who is better than Karl Lagerfeld himself tocreate the most
imaginative runway settings out of the most common everyday places like a supermarket, bistro elegant restaurant
the Palace of Versailles
( not so everyday after all) and  now an Airport.

But is not all about location scrolling down over all the looks we can se  red and blue prints some clearly Airline inspiration, pastels in lavender and pink tweed, Hats like a baseball cap and
a classic french school girl all in one collection.

So if you are suffering from décalage horaire (aka Jet Lag) or if you dont  just take a look inside Chanel Spring-summer 2016 and remember that  on this days you can turn almost any not-so-glamourous place in to your  own runway.


 This Paris Fashion Week, Raf Simons Creative Director of Dior built a venue of  his own.

He changed the Parisian landscape, embellishing a wooden structure 
with  thousands of lavender flowers at the Cour Carre Du Louvre to create  a dome  that located the Dior spring 2016  collection.

"To simplify and concentrate on a line that expresses an idea of femininity, fragility and sensitivity, without sacrificing strength and impact," was his mission statement for this collection.

Embroidered off white pleated  fabric with white cotton veil  to create  “lingerie”  looking top and shorts. The  bags came in  silver and bronze metallic or bright indigo and crimson. At the models' necks were simple jewelled silver chokers  tied with  pink ribbon.

A look inside the  Dior venue.
VOGUE UK Archive Images.

Micro Bags, and why this obsession  is taking over our hearts.

Who ever said bigger is better didnt knew anything about bags and their cute counterpart.

Currently almost every  designer is creating a nano version of their most beloved bags,´
 Just like Louis  Vuitton and Fendi
We cannot resist to ask ourselves why small bags? Here are the reasons

1.Yes, I know i will probably have to struggle just a few minutes deciding what to put in there because no more than two items will  fit, But  anyway this bags are so cute that the only ultimate rule I have is to make sure my phone fits in there and im ok with that.

2.When you  have an important call and you miss it because oops you cannot find it  in your deep bucket bag and it seems that  it ate your phone.

 With a mini bag you dont have to worry about it because its probably the only thing that will fit.

3. Because we love  things and their mini versions  you see, small cars,small dogs,Chihuahuas,bite size candy.This things makes all of our hearts  go aaaw and it awakes a nurturing feeling and the need to own them.

So if you are obsessed with these bags just like me
 or you dont  just check this cuties and it may change your mind.
Fendi Bags

Giambattista Valli  diseña su propia colección para M.A.C

  Inspirado en  su atracción por  las flores y sus colores que evocan     femineidad el  diseñador de moda francés Giambattista Valli logra   plasmar la esencia de sus diseños en su linea de maquillaje para         M.A.C.        
 La cual incluye cinco tonos de labiales: 
 un tono  coral ( Tats), rosa  pálido( Bianca B) , 
naranja brillante ( Margherita),
rojo matte (Charlotte) y   cereza oscura (Eugenie) 
También  incluye  el crystal glaze gloss que  proporciona un
acabado perlado  a los labios.  
Es una colección destinada a agotarse tomando en cuenta su llamativo empaque  en el cual no podía faltar el estampado floral.

Haz click aquí para conocer mas detalles

El palacio de la opera de París durante el lanzamiento 
de la colección  de GiambattistaValli para M.A.C,