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Overcome Jet Lag with CHANEL airlines ✈

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Because the first word that comes to our minds when we think about Paris and Paris Fashion Week is Chanel and who is better than Karl Lagerfeld himself tocreate the most
imaginative runway settings out of the most common everyday places like a supermarket, bistro elegant restaurant
the Palace of Versailles
( not so everyday after all) and  now an Airport.

But is not all about location scrolling down over all the looks we can se  red and blue prints some clearly Airline inspiration, pastels in lavender and pink tweed, Hats like a baseball cap and
a classic french school girl all in one collection.

So if you are suffering from décalage horaire (aka Jet Lag) or if you dont  just take a look inside Chanel Spring-summer 2016 and remember that  on this days you can turn almost any not-so-glamourous place in to your  own runway.


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