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Micro Bag invation! Why are we so obsessed with this little creatures?

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Micro Bags, and why this obsession  is taking over our hearts.

Who ever said bigger is better didnt knew anything about bags and their cute counterpart.

Currently almost every  designer is creating a nano version of their most beloved bags,´
 Just like Louis  Vuitton and Fendi
We cannot resist to ask ourselves why small bags? Here are the reasons

1.Yes, I know i will probably have to struggle just a few minutes deciding what to put in there because no more than two items will  fit, But  anyway this bags are so cute that the only ultimate rule I have is to make sure my phone fits in there and im ok with that.

2.When you  have an important call and you miss it because oops you cannot find it  in your deep bucket bag and it seems that  it ate your phone.

 With a mini bag you dont have to worry about it because its probably the only thing that will fit.

3. Because we love  things and their mini versions  you see, small cars,small dogs,Chihuahuas,bite size candy.This things makes all of our hearts  go aaaw and it awakes a nurturing feeling and the need to own them.

So if you are obsessed with these bags just like me
 or you dont  just check this cuties and it may change your mind.
Fendi Bags

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